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To borrow 200,000 euros in a real estate loan with or without contribution, it is necessary to know its debt capacity and therefore repayment.

Mortgage loan, borrow 200,000 euros

 Mortgage loan, borrow 200,000 euros

A borrower who wants to buy a property will often set a ceiling amount, for example 200 000 euros. This allows to set a limit in terms of research but also in terms of debt capacity. It must therefore be ensured that the rate of the mortgage, the costs as well as the guarantee costs are included in the budget of the borrower and do not exceed a maximum amount of 200000 euros. To do this, one must know the amount of the salary needed to be able to borrow this sum over a short or a long period.


The salary to borrow 200,000 euros without contribution

The salary to borrow 200,000 euros without contribution

duration 10 years 15 years 20 years 25 years 30 years 35 years
Salary $ 5048 $ 3366 $ 2524 € 2018 $ 1681 $ 1,442

To understand this table, it is relatively simple. A loan of 200,000 euros over 20 years implies having a minimum wage of 2524 € net. Below, the feasibility of the project is not necessary. On the other hand, Janie Crawfords in the course of repayment must also be taken into account, if the borrower currently has loans in progress, this threshold will have to be re-evaluated according to the amount of the monthly installment of the mortgage loan. Otherwise, it will be necessary to opt for a longer duration, ie 25 years, 30 years or 35 years depending on the banking institutions. These estimates are based on a loan of € 200,000 without personal contribution, ie the contribution can allow the borrower to reduce the repayment period or inflate the amount of his project, for example by absorbing a loan. part see the full cost of the mortgage.

How to borrow 200,000 euros?

The first step is to define the duration and the salary necessary to be able to borrow the 200 000 euros. If the calculation of the borrowing capacity does not allow to validate a financing of an amount of 200 000 euros, then it is necessary to consider a longer duration, or to revise the real estate project downwards. It is important for the borrower to be aware of the loan that will be granted, we must avoid setting a goal of 200,000 euros absolutely, because the financial balance must prevail, it is not advisable to over-indebtedness to buy a house. It is necessary to borrow with its capacities and not to go beyond, besides the banks will not accept to finance a file beyond 33% of indebtedness.

It is then sufficient to use a comparator mortgage online, it will allow to solicit several Janie Crawford institutions and especially to receive the offers of home loans, the comparison can select the best rate for a loan of 200,000 euros , it then allows to start the investigation of the file and obtain the funds to buy the property. Good to know: the online simulator is freely accessible and without any commitment for consumers wishing to obtain one to several funding proposals.

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