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In the Western countries, there is a sympathetic saying about banks and bankers: The bank / banker is the person who comes to give you an umbrella when the sun is outside and asks you back when it rains.

Nothing highlights this saying more than the efforts you have to make to take credit for bad payers – that is, when it’s a flood.


What’s an overdue?

Is the person who took a credit (real estate, car, personal needs, etc.) and did not pay one or more installments on time. The reasons can be multiple: you forgot, the salary was delayed, you have no job, you spent too much. The delay must, according to the latest rules, be longer than 30 days to pay the rate.


How long does this mention in your Credit Bureau documents about you?

At the moment, 4 years from the time you paid off the respective arrears – so be careful not 4 years from reporting or when you finished paying the loan, but 4 years after you paid the rate or rates you were in follow. In fact, if it was four years after you ended up paying the loan and you had an overdue mortgage for 30 years … it could be as good never.


But what do you do if, for whatever reason, you get into that situation and you urgently need money?

Well, you’re probably going to look for a credit for bad-payers . Lately there are also some banks that can take your credit claim into account with a higher interest rate than usual, but in most cases where you have arrears, the solution is a non-bank loan for debtors – there is even a statement which a representative of a large bank has made, that no one with debts to the Credit Bureau will be taken into consideration for a personal need loan .

One of the reasons why fast debtors are appreciated is that in order to be granted so quickly, the firms that grant them do not ask for information about you from the Credit Bureau – so you will not be treated differently from other clients. After all, nobody wants to be considered less good than anybody else, is it? And the fact that you are raising interest on the same credit that someone else pays less is even unpleasant.

The problem is, and if you’re out of date, you usually have not gotten into the situation because you put a lot of money off – most of the time even on the contrary, you got there because the money did not get you anywhere – and There can always be things that require more money than you do. And what do you do when you have to pay a sum of money you do not have? You are looking for non – bank loans for redeemers .


So how much money can you borrow like that?

Not big amounts, unfortunately. Ferratum gives you a maximum of 1290 lei on a second loan, after successfully repaying a first 250 lei loan. Yeah, it’s not a big deal at all, but if you reimburse it in time, you show the company that it can have more confidence in you. However, the reimbursement period is 45 days, so there are rare cases in which you could give more back.


Simple Credit gives you up to 880 lei up to the next salary – generally for a maximum of 29 days.

The bad credit payment from Telecredit reaches up to 1500 lei starting with the second loan, the first being up to 500 lei, and the repayment must be made within 30 days. And Viva Credit gives a maximum of 1500 lei, after a first loan of 1000, repayment in 35 days – good if you know that the salary may be delayed for a few days.

By the way, for many people, it is precisely this delay of the salary that makes them resort to quick loans for retired people – because, for probably 90% of us, salary is the only income and means to cover all bills. This is unfortunate, especially for those who receive the salary only once a month, because usually as soon as this happens, they have to pay all the bills, renew the public transport subscriptions, etc. When the salary is delayed even for a few days, it is a problem, because usually the expiration dates for the entire collection of invoices also expire – and you do not even want to walk to work or stay without phone or internet, not even late payment.

A tip for avoiding such situations is that if you see that the salary always goes a few days later, try to change the due date of the invoices – you can explain to the suppliers exactly why you are doing this, so that you do not get it anymore time overdue in their databases.

Another firm that provides bad credit payouts is Fast Finance – they offer the highest amount for the 30-day period – 3000 lei. Another company that offers a larger amount for 30 days is Extra Simple – they award 2000 lei.


Credit Fix and Allegro on the other hand offer both a maximum of $ 1000 for the same 30-day maximum.

Credit Fix and Allegro on the other hand offer both a maximum of $ 1000 for the same 30-day maximum.

 None of these companies will be upset if you pay in advance for quick debts for debtors – unlike bank problems and early repayment fees, these companies are very happy to be paid faster. After all, this shows that you are the right person to keep up with the word, and the business will want to continue doing business with you. In addition, if you have paid your money back faster, they will be able to give someone else a loan with that money.

The faster reimbursement of a quick cr edit for debtors is a good move, because there are plenty of cases where people have arrears because simply, as long as they have money, there are things you can spend – and you give realized late that you should have other priorities.

There are so many temptations around us, every day, so much pressure to be in the world, and most of the times to be in the world is to have different objects, go to expensive places, etc. That’s why it’s safer to always pay first all rates, bills and other things we know clearly necessary and obligatory to avoid temptations.

What do you have to do to get such a quick credit for debtors? You must be over 18 (or even over 24 at Ferratum) to present an identity card – your ID card or ID card for the last 30 days or the last 3 months, usually from the bank where you want to get your money back. The bulletin you need to fill in your credit application – since most of these credits are online, you do not need to make copies of your identity card.

This is the first time you apply to a non-bank financial institution for a quick credit for debtors – once you’ve repaid the first credit well, if you need a second, the company will further simplify the credit application process – in fund, they already have your data and you have proven that you are trustworthy, so you can even ask for credit by SMS – yes, up to 160 characters in writing and so on. Totally different from the papers of the last bank credit, that’s for sure.

One suggestion is that, in an attempt to gain as many customers as possible, several non-bank financial institutions currently have an offer – the first loan can be done with interest 0. It is the best thing, you could say – as if you were -l’ll have borrowed a friend. It’s also the best way to demonstrate to the firm that you keep your word, because, as mentioned above, you can then get a bigger loan.

Everyone knows their needs and the amount you want to borrow has a lot to do with the urgency you face – it’s a big difference if you just want to pay the current and the subway subscription to the case where the thermal power plant broke in the middle winter and you have to replace it. However, the recommendation would be to set your priorities clearly and borrow just as much as you need urgently – if a situation has already been waiting for six months and the problem is just aesthetic – like you do not like the color of the living room better not to use credits to solve it. Not the other, but the more money you borrow, the more you have to return to the next salary.