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It would be great if you could provide a short and precise answer to this question, but unfortunately this cannot be done. The exact cost of a loan depends on many individual factors. The price of borrowing depends not least on your income, debt and borrowing requirements. You get the complete overview of which factors influence your loan expenses in this guide.

The most common borrowing costs

As a borrower you are probably most interested in knowing the total loan costs, but it may also be interesting for you to know how the different expenses are distributed. In the vast majority of loan cases, one must relate to the following expense items:

  • Interest rates
  • Initial costs
  • Administrative expenses
  • payment Fees

Only in very rare cases can the above expenses be avoided if there is a free loan.

Most consumers have an idea that interest rates are always the most important factor, but it is not always the case. A low-interest loan can easily be expensive if the other expense items are high. Ergo one should not just concentrate on the interest rate.

These factors are in the loan providers’ spotlight

The loan market works in the way that the greater the risk for the lender, the more expensive it becomes for you as the borrower. The provider’s risk is largely dependent on your income and general economy, as the providers are, of course, at risk of issuing a loan to you if you already owe several million away. Therefore, it is advantageous to have control of your finances.

Most loan providers focus on the following factors:

  • Your income
  • Your general economy
  • Your possibly. debt
  • your age

That you have a high income is not per. automatically means that you can borrow a lot of money, since a high income is not equal to a healthy economy. For example, it doesn’t help much that you get paid DKK 50,000 every month if you have expenses for DKK 60,000.

Are you curious about what a private loan will cost you with your current finances, then bypass this page and obtain a loan offer. Obtaining offers is completely free, so you have nothing to lose. You also have the opportunity to calculate your borrowing costs online.

Assessment of loan offers

It is more or less impossible to judge whether an offer is good or bad if you do not have the farthest idea of ​​what it costs to borrow money. Therefore, you should do your preparation properly by examining what a typical private loan costs today. As mentioned earlier, the actual borrowing costs depend on many factors, but it is nevertheless worth examining how high interest rates are.

If you miss something to compare with, you can consider obtaining offers from several different loan providers. It is very different how many and what requirements are made from the provider to the provider.